Cheesecake Factory (Seattle)

Asides from the obvious reasons for coming here (hello, Cheesecake!) – I enjoy the actual food from Cheesecake Factory. On a Seattle day trip with Brian and the inlaws, I sneakily proposed we go to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I mentioned the fact they have lunch specials ($9-$12 meals that are 3/4s of the size of a regular meal – which, by the way is still BIG!). My sales teacher would’ve been proud of my FAB statement.

While I didn’t take a picture of the actual restaurant, it’s fairly similar to all the other Cheesecake Factories around the US. It’s got the marble pillars and wraught iron with warm reds and earthy colours. This Cheesecake Factory is located very close to the Pike Market – you just have to go up a couple blocks (7th and Pike, I think).

Anyway, I didn’t manage to snap any other pictures than that of my own meal because of my self imposed ‘no review’ rule when I’m with my inlaws.  While I normally get Evelyn’s Pasta – I decided to try something new: the Louisiana Chicken Pasta.

It had strips of parmesan crusted chicken (which was very crispy!) served with mushrooms, peppers and onions in a “spicy New Orleans sauce”. While I can’t quite put my finger on what constitutes a spicy New Orleans sauce, I know cajun plays a big part of it. I love the Cheesecake Factory pastas because they are never drowning in sauce. It is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when I go to restaurants and my pasta resembles soup.

I also loved the bowtie pasta used partially because it held the flavour of the sauce and veggies well but also because it’s really cute.






Check out their website and menu here.
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  • I wish for the life of Gawd that they would open up a Cheesecake factory here. I actually remember trying their pasta one day and I was so freaking stuffed, and the food is rather good compared to some of the larger chains in Vancouver.

    And when I’m down there I generally drop by and there’s a lot of value for what you get. As for the pasta drowning in sauce, for some strange reason I imagine little pastas screaming for help for them to be rescued. But what can I say. Keep up the reviews Gastrfork!

    • admin

      Yay Vincent! I totally agree they should open one up here in Vancouver (it’d be kinda dangerous though!).

      Haha I should draw a little comic of little pastas screaming 😀 Thanks for the love!