Coma Food Truck – CLOSED

Coma is the newest food truck to hit the streets of Vancouver. A fusion of Korean (Co), Mexican (M) and American (A) delivers an interesting and new taste to the city.

Located primarily near the Main Street-Science World skytrain station (just across Pacific Central Station), I was inclined to check out the food on opening day. Although it was raining, it didn’t seem to deter people from trying out the new food truck. This includes a fellow food lover I recently met, Lloyd aka Go Munch! Check out his site here. I’ll post up the link to his review once it’s available and look out for …… #gastromunch..!?!

Before I continue, I would like to mention that the meal was complimentary. Be it complimentary or out of my own pocket, I will always provide an honest review for the sake of my readers.

This was their menu, fairly priced and mostly under $7 per dish.

The first dish I tried was the Stuffed Seaweed Rolls ($4.99), it was deep fried deliciousness! Inside there’s some vegetables and sweet potato noodles wrapped in seaweed. I definitely enjoyed the crispy outside layer, the inside was not too sweet and very savoury.

Next up was the “Choongmoo Kimbap” ($5.99) which is basically a plate that consists of several pieces of Korean style sushi (with just the rice and very tasty seaweed) and it’s served with kimchi, japchae and Korean style marinated beef (you can also get it with pork). I was very surprised how tasty plain rice and Korean-style seaweed was!

The beef that was marinated was chock-full of flavour, salty, sweet and moist. I was also told that the kimchi is made by the chef of Coma Food Truck.

The Kimchi Quesadilla ($5.99) is definitely a fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine. What makes it Korean? The kimchi, tofu and choice of vegetables. What makes it Mexican? The tortilla, cheese and the salsa roja (which is a blend of spicy salsa and some Korean seasoning). We found the quesadilla to be a little soggy, but it was probably because we didn’t eat it right away.

Bibimbap ($6.99) is a rice bowl with veggies, eggs, Korean marinated BBQ beefs with spicy sauce. You must mix the bowl to get the full flavour! Very tasty and a good portion.

Finally, the Korean-style BBQ Burritos ($5.99), chock full of cheese, veggies, kimchi and a good portion of Korean style beef (or pork) wrapped in a burrito. The burrito is gigantic and can easily feed two people or one starving person!

Check out their menu, current location here.

I love Korean food, many of my friends don’t share the same passion of kimchi and spicy flavours, but I love it! All the foods I got to try were full of flavour and you can really tell the chef put his heart into carefully selecting those flavours. The food is best eaten right away, as with any other kind of food, can become soggy.

Ambiance: n/a
Because it’s a food truck, I don’t feel it’s necessary to give it a score for ambiance. The truck is brand new, clean and large.

The portions were fair for the pricing. A great place to get a meal under $10. I find a lot of food trucks are fairly expensive for what they are, but Coma is affordable.

Service : 
I think that since it was their first day, they were a bit frazzled but it seemed like they kept things under control. They make everything “made to order” so you may have to give a couple more minutes to wait for your food – but you get it fresh! The chef/owner was very friendly and came to talk to many of the customers that came by.


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