Ebei Sushi (Granville & 41st) is my favourite AYCE sushi restaurant. Since my husband took me for the first time when we started dating (oh say, 8 years ago!) – this has become our favourite go to for AYCE.

I haven’t been here recently, since we’re no longer in the area, so I was surprised to see that they have renovated. I love the look of the restaurant now, they’ve installed booths for easier group dining. It’s amazing what tiling and some paint can do to a place.

My husband and I came for late night AYCE – which is $12.95. The menu is pretty much what you would expect for a late night sushi place – rolls, nigiri, vegetable tempura and everything else that’s cooked. They also offer 25% off the regular menu at this time of night as well.

We ordered some nigiri (salmon, tuna, hokkigai, sweet egg) and it was really good. Most late night places skimp out on the meat or give you huge balls of rice or maybe even give you frozen fish but Ebei always knows how to make it the right proportions. I also despise when my sushi tastes really fishy (when it’s normally not supposed to taste fishy) and I’ve never had a bad experience here.

My husband ordered the house roll and eel roll, although small in size, the eel was not too dry. I ordered some salmon maki and I don’t know why, but some of the rice was hard and it gave it a weird texture that I did not enjoy.

For our fried food, we ordered yam tempura, kaki motoyaki, gyoza, chicken teriyaki, spring rolls, tonkatsu and beef short ribs (phew!).

My yam tempura was a little on the burnt side, but it didn’t really affect the flavour. The batter is not overly thick which I appreciate because some places just lay the batter on and you’re eating more batter than vegetable/prawn.

The Kaki Motoyaki (or Baked Oyster w/Cheese) were the perfect proportion of cheese to oyster – there was not a lot of the oil from the cheese left over in the shell like some places.

The fried gyoza (or dumplings) were alright. They sprinkled some light soy sauce on it rather than give us a side dish, and it was good.

Chicken Teriyaki  – another staple of late night sushi. It was really hot (along with all the other fried dishes) so it was pretty fresh. What I like about Ebei is that they don’t give you a lot of fat of the meats.

Spring Rolls – I am a big fan of spring rolls, it’s kind of ironic because everyone absolutely LOVES the way my dad makes lumpia (filipino meat-spring rolls) but…I love Chinese vegetable spring rolls. This was served with the spring roll sauce thats sweet and spicy.

Tonkatsu – (Breaded Pork), I was a bit surprised how small and flat the tonkatsu was here, but it was still excellent. The sauce makes it that much better.

Beef Short Ribs – I don’t know how they do it, but the Japanese got it right. The best way to enjoy tender, barbecued short ribs. Just like the chicken teriyaki, the short ribs didn’t have much fat to it.

To finish the meal – we always have mango pudding. The mango pudding here is good because it actually has flavour and bits of mango in it.

The food is always consistently good here, the servings are big and the food is always fresh.

Service : 
Our servers must know us from the 8 years we’ve been frequenting this place, but they’re really good on bringing the food out promptly and recording your order.

Value : 
Overall, I think this place has a decent price for the value they provide. During late night, I also think this rings true.

Ambiance –
I’m so glad they renovated this place recently, it’s looking a whole lot better!

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