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To my surprise, e-canteen in Richmond is gone and Enjoy Cafe 1+1 is in its place. This must’ve happened recently, as I came here back in January with my inlaws and it was still e-canteen. Anyway, although the signs have changed, the interior is the same. What is with the 1+1 part anyway? I’m curious and if anyone knows, please fill me in!

Just like the interior, the menu is still very similar to the old menu – it just has brand spankin’ new menu pages – or maybe it has changed since this is standard Chinese cafe fare that they serve?

I was most intrigued by one of their dishes – Strawberry and Sour Pork. At first, I thought maybe it was a typo but as one of the people I was dining with pointed it – in the Chinese characters, it indeed said “Strawberry”. The foodie in me said I should give it a go, but I knew that I would probably end up not eating it and it would be a waste.

I ordered off the Steak Combo menu which is $7.95 for one choice of meat, $9.50 for two choices and so forth. I also want to point out in their fine print at the bottom that if you come between 6-9pm – it’s a $1 extra (for the Steak Combos anyway). That being said, the combo came with soup and any drink on their menu (bubble tea and some other drinks were a little bit extra). The choices of soup are typical to any Chinese cafe: broth or cream. I ordered the cream soup.

The cream soup was comforting on a cold evening like tonight. It was heavy, milky and had fine pieces of ham and corn bits.

The dish itself was enormous. Even with just one choice, I was really stuffed! They were very generous with rice and the chicken steak. The chicken steak was tender, there was a lot of fat to it compared to some other places I’ve had the same dish. The veggies on the side were bits of buttered corn and boiled broccoli. The corn was fine but I found the broccoli a little bland. I did enjoy the vegetables here better than places like Honolulu or Number 9 because they were properly boiled and cut in bite sized pieces.

With the Steak Combo, you have a choice of several different sauces from mushroom, onion, etc. I chose my favourite sauce – the black pepper sauce. I normally get this sauce because I like the peppery spicy-ness to it. However here at Enjoy Cafe, I didnt find it as peppery as most places but it wasnt too bad.

For my drink, I got the traditional cold tea&coffee with milk mix. I found it much stronger than most places that water it down.

My husband ordered the Portuguese Chicken. It had a lot of vegetables but he said it could use more chicken. The sauce was very creamy and savoury. Normally, they bake rice at the bottom of the dish, but they forgot to this time around so he had a side plate of rice.

I forgot to mention that ALL menu items come with either a hot or cold drink. My husband ordered Passion Fruit Red Tea – he felt that it was sweet but good and decently sized.

Food :Β 
The food is good, the portions for the Dinner combo are big. The rest of the plates are normally sized.

I’m impressed because most Chinese cafes don’t have great service, but at Enjoy they were prompt and friendly. Our waiter came back several times to fill our tea cups and was very accommodating to our needs.

The food is priced competitively but I found it to be a little bit more than most places. I guess because it includes a drink, but not everyone wants a drink when they go out to eat, so would you spend the extra dollar or two? The combo is definitely worth the price but I think that I could get the same food and the same portion somewhere else for less.

The place is big, one of the guys said it used to be a karaoke place. The cafe is clean, the chairs and the tables have been renovated. They are capable of holding big parties because of the rooms that used to be for karaoke.

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  • Ben

    What? e-Canteen closed? That’s sad even though I never did like that place. My two boys loves it and that it why we go there often. I hope they are opened for breakfast as I am trying to figure out where to go for breakfast this morning. Good scout!

    • admin

      I can’t say I was a big fan of e-canteen either. Where’d you end up going for breakfast? :)

  • Ben

    We went to Enjoy 1+1. :-) It was for lunch though. Service was really good. Suanne got the strawberry and sour pork which was just using goo-low-yook with strawberry (instead of pineapple). Thanks for the find! :-) Ben

    • admin

      No worries! :) Did the strawberry make it taste different?

  • aantyy

    For me the name 1+1 enjoy cafe is very good.
    It’s easy to remember and short.
    e-canteen in Chinese used to call 1 canteen, so I think the
    owner just basically add another 1 to show that they are going to do better than before.

    • admin

      Definitely easy to remember! Thanks for the insight!

  • Phil

    Such a rare find in Richmond as the food and services are up to the standard. I enjoyed the dining with my family last wednesday. Nice decor, clean, tidy and reasonably priced. Will surely recommend my friends for dining!!!!!

    • admin

      Glad you enjoyed it Phil! It is very reasonably priced, I love the fact that all menu items comes with a drink of your choice :)

  • NoID

    This place sucks, even worst than e-canteen. The food tastes so bad in here and bad customer service. At the end our bill was $31.92 and we had 3 people. I was the only one who had exact change so I paid $12. My other 2 friends only had $20 bills so they each paid $20 so the total was $52.00. Then this waiter took it and came back with only 8 cents so we went like wtf? We paid 2 $20 bills and 2 $5 and 2 $1. The waiter kept saying that we only had paid 1 $20 bill, 2 $5 and 2 $1. We were sure that we paid $52 because my friends each only had 1 $20 bill in their wallet. So I told the waiter to check the camera and he said that the camera can’t check at the area we were sitting. I found this is very ridiculous and non sense. Never ever going there in my life.

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s ridiculous, I hope they gave you your money back in the end!! I’m not a big fan of this place either, but it seems the go-to place for my friends unfortunately! -.-;