We went here one night for dinner because it had such a high rating on Urbanspoon. And you know what? I have no freaking clue why it did.

This was my dish. It looked like something from a food court. I ordered pineapple shrimp, beef and broccoli and fried noodles.

The pineapple shrimp had WAY too much batter- I felt like I was eating a donut with a tiny shrimp inside. The beef and broccoli was the best choice of all three simply because the beef was tender, the broccoli wasnt over cooked and there was very little grease. The noodles are standard food court fare, less greasy but I had to add hot sauce.

My husband had the shanghai fried noodles and they tasted kind of like rice noodles with beef, onions and soy sauce but again, less greasy.

I’m assuming the place is better known for its soups because thats what most people were ordering and in big portions too.

Fatty’s has a little sit down area good for about 6-10 people but is mostly a to-go kind of place.


Its cleaner than most asian places but still a hole in the wall.


A bit pricey if you don’t order their combo specials (most dishes run $8 and up).


Fatty's Chinese Fast Food on Urbanspoon