Flo Tea Room (Granville)

On a Saturday afternoon, Brian’s brother and his wife invited us out for lunch. Instead of hitting up a regular spot, I suggested we go to Flo Tea Room on Granville street. It was a hot saturday and Flo Tea Room has a patio. Yes, an asian cafe with a patio – it’s about time, Vancouver!! Now if only they’ll do dim sum on a patio – I’ll be a happy ducky.

I used to frequent this place when I was younger – mostly in the evenings and after school with friends. They’ve got some competition since they’re located right next to Bubble World, but they have a variety of different drinks that are a lot more than just bubble tea.

I have to say that I’m really impressed with the management of their Twitter account – they have great daily specials and they interact with followers. I was most impressed when I asked a question about their patio and received and answer almost right away. Great customer service.

When we arrived, it wasn’t so busy because it was literally almost 3pm. We looked through the menu – which is pages and pages of different choices, both drinks and meals.

I ordered their special (ie, FREEBIE!) of the day which is Italian Soda. I tried the lychee flavoured one, it was definitely very much like an Italian Soda (spritzer/sparkling water with flavouring) but the whipped cream on the top definitely made the drink more creamier. You have to mix your drink very well because as you can see, the lychee flavouring is on the bottom.

Brian ordered Fire & Ice – it had strawberry puree, mango and lychee.

Lily ordered Utopia – it looked like kiwi and maybe lychee? I’m not entirely sure.

Albert ordered the coolest looking drink which was the Traffic Light.

To eat, I ordered the Crispy Salty Peppery Chicken with rice – I’d like to say for comparison sake, but who am I kidding, I love this stuff. The portion was good, about the same portion served at other places – interestingly it is served with sweet plum sauce. I guess it balances out the salty and peppery part of the chicken, but other than one or two pieces, I ate it without the sauce. The vegetables were good too, not too overcooked and a good proportion. I got a heaping mound of rice too that I couldn’t finish.

The chicken was more meaty than most places that give you crispy ends of chicken. It was also juicier.

Lily ordered baked seafood which is a modest portion – but being baked with rice – a ‘modest’ portion can be a big meal.

The twins ordered the same dish which was Spicy Minced Pork with Eggplant Braised Yee-Mein. I picked at Brian’s food and it was very flavourful and not too greasy. The serving is good too. I know you can get this at any other cafe but I liked how it wasn’t so greasy.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit on the patio, we sat inside with the A/C – so it wasn’t so bad. They have free wi-fi here too so it’s also a great place to study if you go to school around the area!

I do like the presentation and the fact most of the food here isn’t too greasy like other restaurants. I know the prices are a bit higher and the portions are not as huge as many other cafes, but I think the taste and presentation is as equally important to a restaurant.

The service was good, we were seated right away and served right away.

The cafe is clean and has a dark wood tone. They also put dividers up in the middle since the last time I was here – for more privacy I assume.

While the prices are standard fare as any other trendy Chinese cafe, if you’re looking for cheaper eats – there are cheaper. But let me assure you that you can get a decent meal here for under $10. Plus if you follow them on Twitter, they always have great deals that change every day.


Check out the website (and menu!) here.
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