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On the day of my sister (aka Nat)’s graduation, the first thing she wanted to eat after her ceremony was delicious food at Foundation. To be honest, Foundation is not a place I would go unless I was with my friends who are a little more …shall we say…cultured? (I don’t know if thats the best way to describe it) or with Nat.

The crowd here is definitely artsy, hipster type – but you know what, I went with my dad, my mom, the aunt from Toronto, Nat and I and we didn’t feel out of place.

At the corner just off Broadway on Main, the inside is a conglomeration of old school tables and seats, wooden floors and big frames with famous quotes – one most notably at the door – Be Yourself.

We were greeted and told we could sit wherever we pleased by a friendly server. He was also joking with my parents and was very courteous. Nat ordered a pitcher of sangria and SMALL nachos to start us off. It’s too bad I was driving because I really wanted to try the sangria – I had a tiny bit but it wasn’t very strong compared to sangria I’ve had before. The fruit inside was mainly limes, lemons and strawberry.

Our nacho plate came fairly quick – if you haven’t had it before – it is a must try as it is kind of their claim to fame. Covered in melted cheese, beans and some chopped up jalapenos, served with salsa, guacamole and sour cream on the side, this plate was good for the five of us.

Literally, the length of my hand was half of the plate – this is the SMALL size, let me remind you! The nachos are SO good, a bit of a guilty pleasure – but less guilty without the meat. I forgot to mention that Foundation is a vegetarian restaurant. I was wondering whether they made their salsa in-house, I found it sweeter than most salsa (which I liked).

My father ordered the Foundation Burger with the patty made of tofu,flax and oats. His side was a pasta salad. I didn’t get to try his dish but it looked fairly healthy to me!

My mom ordered the Maple Been (sic) Chile (Chilli), that was mostly beans and corn with a side of nachos and flatbread. My mom unfortunately shared half with my sister because she said it was too spicy for her! I tried a bit and it was spicy, but not too spicy. I don’t think I could’ve ate the whole dish to myself though.

The Aunt from Toronto ordered the Insurgent Hummus, served also with rainbow coloured nachos and flatbread. Looked healthy to me.

My sister ordered the “OPPP” which is (I think) Pine nuts, Pesto in Pasta (hence the PPP). The sauce is very heavy in pesto flavour (which I loved) and felt creamy even though it was not.

I ordered the Mango Forte, which I was a little afraid of because the menu said it had jalapenos. It also had broccoli, zucchini, mango in coconut sauce with rainbow coloured rotini. I don’t know why, but I find vegetarian food so much tastier than ‘regular food’. The chunks of mango in my pasta made the dish sweet and really powered the dish. The coconut sauce made the pasta a bit creamier and the vegetables were a perfect assortment because they absorbed the sauce and flavour. That being said – I loved this dish! So good. There was a bit of chopped salad on the side which I thought wasn’t necessary. They also served flatbread with the pasta.

Congratulations Nat on graduating from Emily Carr U!!
Check out some of her film work here (she also shot CookShow!)

The food here is so tasty and so good! If all vegetarian cuisine was like this, I don’t think I’d miss meat that much.

It’s a little old school but kind of homely, which I liked.

Really impressed with the service here, we came around 4:30pm on a Saturday, so it wasn’t too busy but our server was really nice. Nat says the service can vary in the night time because they’re usually packed.

I believe the cost is well worth it for the great taste they provide.

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