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Honolulu Cafe (Vancouver) is located on 4288 Main St. They have great lunch and dinner specials, including Mini Chinese dishes for $5.95 and a Mini menu that’s less than $7.95. They’re pretty busy during the evening but they’re open late as well, so try and go during the off times. Honolulu is Cash Only!

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Honolulu has your standard fare of Chinese food but the portions are huge. I ordered from the Dinner Special Menu which is $8.50 and comes with a bowl of soup and a drink.

We had a choice of either the Chinese broth or Creamy soup and I decided to get the creamy soup. It was filled with slivers of ham, carrots, corn and a lot of other things to make it a very warm and hearty appetizer for a cold night.

You can choose any drink off their Hot and Cold menu, I usually get their Lemon Coke or Yin Yeung (Half Tea/Half Coffee with Cream – I know it sounds weird, but its yummy!). Since I was having such a big meal, I ordered a lemon Coke.

For dinner I ordered Chicken Steak & Steak (Beef), you can choose your sauce (Mushroom, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion or Tomato) – I chose Black Pepper and you can also choose whether you want rice or spaghetti (I chose spaghetti this time). The portions are HUGE. The chicken steak itself was larger than my hand and the beef steak is just as huge. The black pepper sauce spiced up the dish.

What I love about Chinese food is that the meat is always tender and never tough.

They gave a huge heaping of spaghetti and I absolutely couldn’t finish it. I feel bad leaving my vegetables on my dish but this is one thing I don’t like about Honolulu is that they don’t cook their vegetables long enough and they’re hard and tasteless.

My husband ordered the Baked Porkchop ($8.50 w/soup and a drink). The baked porkchop is baked on a bed of rice, topped with tomato sauce, veggies and cheese. This may look small when you order it, but it’s very hard to finish because of the amount of rice they give you with the meal.

My dad ordered Beef Chow Mein with vegetables. Tonight it was Gai Lan with it. I love chow mein noodles when they’re crispy and this was crispy on the top but just right in the middle. The portion was also big for $6.95.

Overall, I am a frequent visitor to this Honolulu Cafe because of it’s cheap eats. It’s not exactly fine dining but the food is good and the price is perfect for a starving student like myself!

I’m giving it four forks because the food is pretty good for a cafe and always en pointe. I’ve never had a bad meal here yet.

Although this is your typical Chinese dive, the servers (who probably know me and my husband already) are always attentive and greet you when you come in. We don’t wait very long for our food either.

If you’re looking for a cheap eat, this is the perfect place to go. The food is ridiculously big for the amount they charge. They haven’t raised their prices since we started frequenting 6 years ago.

There’s nothing award winning about the place, but it is one of the more cleaner places I’ve been to.

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