Kimono Japanese Restaurant (Granville) – CLOSED

Meeting with my favourite people in the world usually involves some sort of eating – and this was no exception. I met Gary, my good friend and my ‘maid man’ during my wedding (yep!) for a late birthday lunch.

We were in a bit of a hurry because he was running errands during his break but this restaurant was along the way. Gary has been here before and says that the service is fast and the food is good.

Without a doubt, the service was fast. I’m assuming it’s because their crowd is most likely people who work in businesses around the area. While this isn’t gourmet sushi, it definitely fills you up.

Gary got a lunch box complete with obligatory miso soup, salad, california roll, beef teriyaki and wings.

I ordered the Salmon Donburi. To my surprise – the salmon was wild (Sockeye, I think) and not farm. I like the wild salmon better because it’s less fatty – and probably better for the environment. I noticed I’ve been liking my Donburis recently, I guess it’s because of the purity of having just fish and rice. The wasabi here is really potent too.

This place is what it is – it’s nothing too special but fair in taste. While I wouldn’t recommend this place for a dinner, it’s a decent place to grab a quick lunch. However, with a lot of other options in the area, I would think you could find an alternative place to eat.





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  • I tried out the restaurant once. I don’t think they’re terrible, but I do feel that they are matching up to the standard that needs to be there for Japanese restaurants in downtown. Personally I would walk to Zero One sushi to get my fix.

    I agree with your sentiment, it’s just not the type of place I recommend. And the service I had was plain as white rice.

  • admin

    Hey Vince, thanks for the comment! Yeah, they’re what I like to call ‘meh’ – although that doesn’t translate into my fork rating system very well 😉