Celebrating a friend’s birthday party, I found myself back at Kimura on Rupert, just past 22nd street. With about 12 of us, we ordered the special Omakase meal. Omakase is a meal made fresh, with the chef’s choice of ingredients. There is a set price point depending on your budget. Tonight our budget was $50 per person. I admire when a restaurant offers meals where the head chef gets to decide what you try because of the creativity that goes into it.

Our first dish was vegetables (some preserved), in a sweet and slightly spicy vinaigrette. Some Taro, mushroom, a mysterious ball and black sesame (??) gelatin was in our dish. The ball looks like a hot pot meatball but its harder and has no taste of meat.

Our second dish is a cold plate, a variety of different flavours. There is squid on a bed of cucumbers, pig ear with peanut sauce, a fish round that was like a pate- not too fishy but quite tasty and a fresh oyster.

In the middle of these was a shot glass with sweet sauce, raw oyster and raw quail egg. When I took the shot, it was hard not to choke on the oyster slices (eek!) and there was a bit of sake mixed into the otherwise sweet sauce.

Our third dish was dungeoness crab, shrimp and cucumber in a sweet sesame oil sauce. The dungeoness crab was a good portion and had a great buttery-sweet taste on its own.

Our fourth dish was cooked oyster and gai lan doused in a black sesame sauce. The oyster had a bit of cheese on the top that wasn’t too overwhelming.

Our fifth dish was a big prawn atop a deep fried rice round. The prawn had sweet tomato sauce drizzled on the top.

At first I thought it was a scallop. The rice is still soft on the inside with bits of mushroom and had a little bit of a lemon taste.


The next dish was the Egg Custard. But dont be fooled by the name, its warm and not sweet. Inside was pieces of chicken, mushroom and shrimp.

The custard was small but I’m glad that it was because it seemed like a lot of egg.

The next dish: broth with spinach, mushroom and meat balls.

The side dish that came with the broth: Shirako. This was a bit of an interesting conversation during dinner because we were going around trying to guess what it is. One guy we were with asked the waitress to ask the chef and he said, “Aphrodisiac!”. However, when it was being served to me, a waitress called it “Shirako”. So after eating it, I decided to look it up on Wiki while everyone else was still eating it. So, when I Wiki’d it, it led me to “fish milt”, I clicked on fish milt and here is what it means…

Milt is the seminal fluid of fishmollusks, and certain other water-dwelling animals who reproduce by spraying this fluid, which contains the sperm, onto roe (fish eggs).

I laughed when I read it because I was joking how it could be fish genitalia, and I was really close! All the guys were disgusted but we had a good laugh over it. Milt is actually considered a delicacy.

Our eighth dish was assorted nigiri and spicy tuna served on lettuce and deep fried crispy rice.

This dish was by far my favourite of the night. The spicy tuna and the crispy rice at the bottom. I don’t know how they make the rice, but it’s the right mix of spicy and salty. I could literally eat 10 of these, they are SO GOOD.

Our dessert was a choice of either mango, green tea or black sesame ice cream. I chose green tea because it’s my favourite.

Food :
The food was phenomenal, it’s definitely stuff you can’t get anywhere else in Vancouver (that I know of, anyway!). The flavours were never harsh or bland. The chef surely had the meal carefully planned out beforehand and it really showed.

Omakase is not made to be ‘fast’ food. We enjoyed a 3 hour meal with a span of 9 dishes. When the dishes were prepared by the chef, it was brought promptly to us. The waitresses constantly refilled our tea, water and other beverages and answered as best they could when we asked what was in our dish.

This Omakase is pretty pricey, but it is cheaper than going to Tojo’s. The food is worth the price tag, but not something you could do on a regular basis. They have a regular menu that is just as appetizing and a bit more affordable as well.

Ambiance :
I do like the ambiance of this small restaurant. I hope they do expand into a bigger space, however to accommodate more guests.

Check out their menu here. If you’re looking for the regular menu review and my first time at Kimura, it is located here.

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