Kimura is located on 3883 Rupert St, right across the Chong Lee Market. Chef Itsuroku Kimura is internationally known as he brings a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant’s decoration is a mix of blue hues, bamboo and rock. The dishes given are not of any ordinary sushi place and you are actually given real chopsticks (as opposed to those wooden ones from every where else). The style and thought that went into the design from ceiling to every plate shows that they have put a lot of careful and loving thought into their restaurant.

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Kimura’s menu has normal sushi fare and some interesting dishes as well, most notably their Omakase (which will be further discussed in a later post).

Tonight, I went for the Take Combo ($15.95) and my friend went with the Matsu Combo (which is the same as mine but with the “Kimura Special”, $23.95).

Our first dish was miso soup. I enjoy miso soup wherever I go, but this miso was very flavourful and had lots of seaweed and tofu.

Up next was our assorted tempura . On the side was minced white radish and ginger. I tasted a bit of the white radish and it had no flavour, so I was curious as to how we were supposed to eat this alongside the tempura itself. There were different types of tempura from the traditional prawn, squash, carrot, zucchini and an interesting green peas tempura.

Our sashimi came shortly after. We were so impressed with the presentation that I had to take two photos. The sashimi was freshly sliced and melted in your mouth.

Our sushi had almost the same types of fish as our sashimi. There was just enough rice under the fish – unlike many restaurants who put way too much. There was one particular nigiri that stood out- the Ahi Tuna (middle). It had very thinly sliced garlic on top with a sweet sauce. It was absolutely delicious!

My friend who ordered the Matsu combo also had the Kimura Special, which that night was frog legs. I don’t know where they get such huge frog legs! It was served on a bed of marinated sliced cucumbers.

Finally for dessert, we had green tea ice cream. Your standard ice cream, but what a great addition to the end of the meal.

Overall, I was very impressed by the food and presentation, our server was so wonderfully nice and the chef thanked us for coming. You should really check this place out!

Not your typical sushi joint, I definitely encourage you to try the Omakase, which the chef prepares ~9 dishes for you to his liking. I definitely think the presentation and taste of all our food was fantastic.

There was only one lady running around taking orders and bringing food but I commend her for her very kinda demeanor. She spoke Japanese to a lot of the patrons and also thanked some for being regular customers.

Value –
This is a higher-end sushi place but there is something for everyone here. Different tastes and different price points.

The place is very clean and the layout and colours work well to create the illusion of space.

Visit their menu here.

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