Milestones (Lougheed) – CLOSED

Milestones is a favourite of my father, he loves the burger with the Californian toppings and served with half salad and half fries.

Can you guess what I ordered? Yep the same thing. But before we get into that, Brian and I ordered the artichoke and spinach dip.

It’s served with a bit of salsa and sour cream on the side. I found the artichoke dip to be very cheesy and filling, because it was a bit on the cheesier side, it was salty. The chips they gave us were also salted and for the most part I had to brush the salt off the chips. The salsa was very refreshing, I wish we couldve been given more of it.

My only gripe during this visit was the service. Milestones service is usually fine, nothing spectacular but today it was really slow. We were seated and we sat for about 25 mins before anyone came to ask whether we wanted drinks. After we ordered, our drinks also took a while as well. Our server came after 10 minutes with one drink and said the other was coming because they were making a fresh batch of ice tea. During our meal our server said she would bring a refill but it came when we were ready to pay.

I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was a Saturday and it was fairly busy at 9pm.

Anyway, my burger was enormous and delicious. I added the Californian topping (which is no extra cost) which was guacamole and two strips of bacon. Adding the guacamole really fulfilled the burger- but even if you get it without, you end up stuffed! I think the size and quality of their beef patties are perfect and the bun compliments the burger.

Sometimes when I eat burgers I find the meat is overwhelming and I’m either left with no bun to finish it up or the opposite- not here at Milestones. The portion of half salad and half fries was generous.


The food is always consistent here. I think the only thing they can improve on is adding more things to their regular menu rather than seasonal options that tend to get ethnic. Milestones does American classic pretty well, dabbing in “fusion” is good but they should stick to what they know.


The setting is a bit dark- I guess its a nice little hideaway! The decorations at the Lougheed location needs an upgrade- the Cambie and Robson locations look great!


With the items I’ve ordered before, I feel the meal is fairly priced and has not gone up in price recently.


Normally, Milestones service is fairly good, tonight our server forgot our drinks twice and didn’t come to check whether we were ready to order for at least 20-25 minutes. I dont know whether she was stressed out or new.

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