Mui Ngo Gai

This is a mini-review for Mui Ngo Gai. Located on Nanaimo & West Broadway, across Bon’s Off Broadway, this little Vietnamese/Pho place was pretty busy! The decoration and set up reminded me a lot of Asia, being kinda kitschy in a Vietnamese kind of way, but comfortable and homely.

I ordered a small #19 – rare beef, tripe and noodles ($5.75). I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Pho unless it’s a cold day, it’s not my cup of tea. But since I’ve been to “better” Pho places recently, I think it’s because I wasn’t going to the good Pho places.

For anyone who hasn’t had Pho, I’d recommend putting some of the ingredients they give you before your bowl comes. Squeeze the lemon/lime in the soup, toss in a chili/jalapeno, crush up the basil leaves and add a lot of the sprouts into your soup and stir.

There are many other options including rice dishes, salad rolls, deep fried rolls and combos.

Mui Ngo Gai has a website with their menu,Β here.

Like I said, I’m not a big fan of Pho, but this place was pretty good. The portions of all our dishes were good, a small bowl of Pho will be able to fill you up pretty good.

There are some times when asian places try to make it look authentic and they fail – Mui Ngo Gai is NOT one of these places. I don’t know why, but I did enjoy their decorations and their bamboo/wood chairs, I almost felt like I was back in Asia. Very cool.

Pho is one of the cheapest meals you can get in Vancouver. And for a small Pho bowl for under $6 is definitely a great bang for your buck.

Our server took our orders and they came out in no time. She was also friendly and helpful.


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  • Ben

    Hi Dee: Mui Ngo Gai is opening a new restaurant (same name) on Kingsway near Knight (I think). They should be ready real soon as I saw that they were quite advanced in construction already when I passed by last week. Ben

    • admin

      Hmm, will definitely have to keep an eye out for that! Thanks! :)

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  • Hi, thank you for eating at Mui Ngo Gai and taking the time to write a review. We read any reviews of our place and look to see who we are doing with what we make.

    You should give our speciality soups a taste

    • admin

      Hi John, thanks for taking the time to read the review! Your specialty soups sound delicious – will definitely have to come back to try it out or..try out your new location! :)