No. 1 Beef Noodle (Burnaby)

To be honest, I haven’t found any great Chinese places to rave about in Burnaby, so if you know of any and want to share, please do! No. 1 Beef Noodle or “Beefy Beef” as its known in Vancouver, is a Taiwanese noodle and bubble tea cafe.

Despite their name, they’re famous for their Crispy salty peppery chicken served with either noodles in soup or on rice. Their appetizers are very good, we normally get the deep fried tofu (that is in a dark sauce and garlic), wonton in chilli sauce, green onion pancake (which is delicious with moist beef and a good helping of the sauce inside) or deep fried buns.

Beefy’s appearance is nothing special, it’s a cafe, its clean and well spaced out. Their specials are written on chalkboards and on poster boards in both Chinese and English.

This time, I had their signature dish, the Crispy salty peppery chicken. I wish they still had the Wasabi flavoured crispy chicken, cuz that was delicious! I think the one in Burnaby still does it, but not in Vancouver.

The chicken comes with a generous portion of rice which has a trickle of beef sauce and little pieces of beef and served with two “sides”. The two sides today were gai lan and marinated pork of some sort.

The bubble tea portions are really good here, they serve it in beer glasses, so they are pretty filling as well. I ordered the chocolate milk tea with coconut jelly (yes, a pretty safe flavour – but my favourite!).

Overall the food here is average, I enjoy the crispy chicken with rice but if I’m really hungry, I’ll go for the noodles in soup (the portions are so big!) but I find the broth very tasteless. It is also a cheaper meal option with most set dishes (like the one I had) in the 7.25 – 8.95 range.

Food : 
The food is good, but not really a must-try. Although I do suggest if you go to try the crispy peppery chicken and the green onion pancake!

Service : 
Typical of any asian place you go to, they leave you be until you call their attention.

Value :

Beefy’s value is not too bad, considering the big portions – especially when it comes to the soups. The other items are at par with other cafes.

It’s nothing special, but it’s clean and modern.

Check out their menu here.

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  • Ben

    Hi Dee (It’s Dee right?):

    I have a few favourite places in Burnaby that I can think of:

    >> Everyone favourite Beef Noodle is Lao Shan Dong
    >> I personally like the Beef Noodle in Accord
    >> For the best Hunan in Metro Vancouver, check Alvin Garden
    >> For really good Sichuan, check S&W Pepperhouse
    >> For awfully spicy food, you will like Hot Luck
    >> Wang’s in Crystal Mall Food Court won award for best Xiao Long Bao before.

    These are all around where I work (Metrotown) and are my favourite places. You might like it too. :-)

    BTW, can I suggest that you install the plugin where your commenters may subscribe to comments through emails? That will help me a lot coming back to this post once there is a comment made.


    • admin

      Hi Ben!

      Wow! Thanks! I’ll definitely have to give those places a try (especially Hot Luck – I LOVE spicy food!).

      And thank you for the suggestion, it really helps me make my blog a better place :) It should work now!


  • Ben

    That was quick work! Let me warn ya … Hot Luck is reaaally spicy. Hope to read all about your take here soon. :-)

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