Red Robin (Broadway)

Red Robin is a Canadian chain of restaurants that started here with their first location in Burnaby, BC in 1985. Focused on being a family restaurant with their speciality being gourmet burgers, Red Robin is famous for birthday parties and being a good place for a group to get together.

Brian and I were hankerin’ (does anyone use that word anymore? I guess I do!) for a burger and we thought it’d be funny to hit up Red Robin. Long story short, one of the first time we really got to know each other was at a staff party at Red Robins about ten years ago.

We went to the Broadway location and we were seated immediately. We ordered the Tower of Onion Rings, which is this ridiculously huge appetizer of onion rings stacked sky high. It can definitely feed 3-4 people. There are two sauces that come with it, a cream sauce and a spicy chipotle sauce.

Brian ordered the Guacamole Bacon burger, and he said that he liked it.

Feeling a bit adventurous, I ordered the 5 Alarm Burger. At first I thought I might be crazy for ordering this, but I figured they couldn’t make it too hot considering that this is a family restaurant and making it completely spicy would benefit no one. According to the menu the burger has “Pepper-Jack cheese, jalapenos, tangy salsa with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle mayo”.

When our food arrived, I was surprised at how many jalapenos were stacked in my burger. Brian asked me if I was going to be okay. But, I love spicy food so I shrugged and took a bite. I was correct in my theory that it wouldn’t be too spicy, they do put a lot of jalapenos in it but I’m assuming the salsa and lettuce neutralizes the spice. I think the jalapenos in a Subway sandwich are more spicier than this burger – so, if you can handle that, you definitely can handle this.

Our burgers were great, good size, the meat was fresh and every burger comes with endless steak fries.






You can check out their menu here.

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