Aqua Riva – Now CLOSED.

My husband and I have come here a couple times before, mainly for the beautiful view. Its sad to hear that they are closing down at the end of December.

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To start, we chose the Ahi Tuna & Scallop Sashimi with cucumber, watercress and avocado. The Ahi Tuna and Scallops were good, but I found the scallop too cold to have much taste to it. The avocado slices were refreshing and the sauce that was drizzled over the dish had a very crisp and clean taste to it.


I ordered on their special menu, the New York steak. The steak was made perfectly to what I requested (medium rare baby!), and the potato ‘frites’ on the top reminded me of very tasty potato chips. I was so intrigued by what was under my steak – it was sweet yam sliced very thinly and then stacked onto each other. It cut very easily with my fork and was sweet to the taste.


My husband ordered the West Coast Hot Pot that had mussels, clams, salmon, sablefish, prawns, halibut, crab in a lime coconut broth served with this giant garlic bread slice. There was a lot in the hot pot, mostly shellfish, so I wasn’t able to try any.

For dessert, we ordered the Dessert Sampler for two. It consisted of the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, Fresh Fruit Sorbet and New York Cheesecake. While the Cheesecake was nothing to write home about, the Sorbet was delicious (I think it was raspberry) and I am a sucker for Creme Brulee!

Overall, the food was good, the atmosphere was romantic and the service was good.

Food – 3.5 FORKS
My main course was delicious, however our appetizer and my husband’s dish were just okay.

Service – 3.5 FORKS
Our server was polite, but she barely came to check on us.

Value – 2.5 FORKS
I’m sure the prices are a tad bit more because we’re paying for the view.

Ambiance – 4 FORKS
I love how the dining area is swept across the water so that every patron could enjoy the view. It’s very romantic and a nice quiet place to have dinner.Β  The open kitchen feels welcoming.

Check out their menu here!

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