Romana Pizza

I was really happy to win a gift certificate from the vanfoodster 2 year anniversary party – but I was even more happier that it was a place that I have never tried yet.

Romana Pizza, located on Hastings (near Alpha st) has been around for 38 years! 38 Years!! That’s incredible staying power for a restaurant – especially with all the news of these new trendy restaurants opening and closing so quickly.

We were greeted and seated promptly by this lovely lady named Poppy. Prior to our arrival, I was emailing and confirming our reservation with Jenny – Poppy’s daughter and she recommended a couple of dishes to me. The restaurant is family owned and operated – and they take customer service to heart. While we were waiting for our food, Poppy came over and chatted with us several times and also with the other patrons in the restaurant.

We ordered the Kalamari to begin with. It came out piping hot! It was tender and not too overly cooked, lightly breaded rather than most places that layer it on.

A warm pita bread came out too!

I ordered a small Gourmet pizza which had tender pieces of chicken, spinach, garlic, olive and sun dried tomato. I’m glad I ordered a small – it was about 9-10″! The crust was not oily and not salty like most pizza places, yet it still had this great taste to it (similar to the Pizza Hut taste but with no grease!). The cheese was generously piled on but was not salty nor did it make the pizza soggy. It was delicious.

Brian had the Chicken Souvlaki, his dish was a big one! Chicken breast marinated and grilled with rice pilaff, roast potatoes, greek salad and pita with tzatziki sauce. I did get to try the chicken and it was very flavourful and still moist. I also like the potatoes here, its less sour than most Greek restaurants I’ve been to.

Brian and I were both too stuffed to have dessert – but I hear their tiramisu is amazing. We will have to come back and try it next time we’re in.

Poppy then came over and showed us some of the pictures hanging on the wall of her family through the years, spoke proudly of her daughter and her organizing GreekFest and also told us that they had their own seasoning salt they were selling. Then she gave us one to take home! Wow! Thanks!!

We were also talking about twitter, and I asked her incredulously if she was tweeting from the Romana Pizza account – she says she checks it all the time and asked me how many friends I had on it. I told her and then she said, “All my customers are my friends.” So sweet.

If you’re in the area, I definitely think you should check it out – it’s a great local restaurant that seems to fly under the radar, but hopefully for not too long.






Click here to visit their website and check out their menu.
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