By guest blogger, Liane Hung.

While raindrops drenched the streets of Downtown Vancouver on the first day of the Olympic anniversary celebration, my friend and I treaded onward to a store across from Vancouver Public Library for some dessert. The shop’s name is Teaze, a little café on Homer which was supposedly known for their signature mocha waffles. Was.

First thing I noticed about the place was its colourful design and fun atmosphere, it was small but it was cozy. This is about as far as I can go with my compliments. The following is a conversation I had with the only staff member present at the time:

“Hi there we are here to try your mochi waffles?”
“Sorry we don’t sell that anymore.”
“So you’ve discontinued selling the mochi waffles.”
“Yes, we only sell yogurt and crepes.”
“Oh alright,” [Looks at the crepe menu] “The cheese cake crepe looks nice.”
“We are sold out of that as well.”
“Okay…how about you tell me what else is sold out?”
“All the crepes are still available, just not cheesecake.”
[Looks at the crepe menu once again] “May we try a teriyaki chicken crepe?”
“Sorry we don’t have any savoury crepes today either.”

Talk about first class service.

I understand if you tell me the mochi waffles are not longer being served, or even that you ran out of cheesecake. But the least you can do is tell me what else is sold out before disappointing me some more. Even whiting out the mochi waffles from the menu would be a little helpful. In the end we begrudgingly ordered two crepes, Tropicana and Carnivalle.

(Photography by Liane Hung)

The Tropicana: crepe with Nutella in the center topped with bananas, chocolate syrup and frozen yogurt. The size is quite generous and I was full after finishing it, however it wasn’t anything special and I’ve certainly had better crepes elsewhere. The crepe skin was a little thick and the yogurt was not as tart as I like when it comes to yogurt.

(Photography by Liane Hung)

The Carnivalle: Basically the same as Tropicana with additional strawberries and kiwi. This was slightly more expensive then the Tropicana but I didn’t feel it was more special other than the fact it had more fruits.

In the end we left Teaze full but disappointed. I guess this review only count towards the sweet portion of the crepes, if anyone gets the chance to try the savoury ones please let me know, because I certainly didn’t.

Now I know why the place is called Teaze.

The food wasn’t bad, just plain and average.

Service – TWO FORKS
We went on a weekend during the Olympics celebration week, you would think they would be a little bit more prepared for customers.

The crepe did fill my stomach but for the price of around $7 or $8, a little bit pricey.

The shop is cute and I quite like the decorations, you get to see the crepes being made for those who like a little show as well.

They do not have a website.

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