Caffe Brixton

An interview brought me to this lovely cafe just on Main and East Georgia. This area has become increasingly trendier with small art galleries and Pnom Penh being close by.

I was here very early so I decided to have breakfast. They have a spinach and mushroom quiche and I grabbed a San Pelligrino.

The quiche was enormous and very filling. I loved the crust, it was a little buttery than most- which I enjoyed. The quiche itself is tall at about two or three inches and with most of the spinach and mushroom on the top. Unfortunately my quiche was a little burnt, but the parts that were not were nice.

I got to sit in this Caffe for a couple hours and it seemed like I was transplanted to another city for that particular time. The decor in
the cafe has a lot of character, that certain small town charm you get when you visit- duh- a small town.

The cafe also turns into a bar and restaurant of some sorts and someone recommended I come back for Taco Tuesdays. Duly noted.

All the menu items are priced so fairly, I had to do a double and triple take to make sure my tired eyes were not playing tricks on me.


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