Fable Kitchen Grand Opening

Fable Kitchen is a recent addition to the delicious eats down West 4th. Top Chef Canada finalist Trevor Bird opened the doors to Fable Kitchen at the end of March to fantastic reviews. The name comes from a combination of Farm and Table, as this is essentially their mandate (local, sustainable dishes to your table) and that every dish has it’s own back story.

The grand opening event was great, they opened up the space and had a violinist in the corner. The space reminded me a lot of something you would find if you went up to a smaller town – wood and brick with hanging lights. Very cool.

The kitchen is open and up front when you enter, with seating in the back.

winefable kitchen grand opening

They kept the wine flowing and everyone was happy.

chicken ratatouille

There were some appetizers making their way around – my favourite of the evening (unfortunately of which I didn’t take a picture of, sigh) was the chickpea fritters with pickled red onions and curry mayonnaise, so amazingly flavourful! They also had breaded chicken in rataouille and mushroom flatbread.

I am definitely looking forward to coming back and having a sit down meal soon to get the real experience of Chef Bird’s expertise! Congratulations again to Fable Kitchen on their successful opening!

Review I was invited for the Grand Opening and was not paid or expected to write a review.

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