Guest Review: The American Cheese Steak Co.

Nathalie shares her experience at the popular American Cheese Steak Co. on Davie:

(All Photography done by Nathalie de los Santos.)

One rainy day, when I was too poor to eat at a restaurant and too cold to eat at a food truck, I chose American CheeseSteak Co.

I had a classic cheesesteak, it was simple and light. I didn’t feel too sloughed after, so I know the ingredients are high quality, good food. It wasn’t too salty or felt extremely awful for me, so I would return knowing this guilty pleasure is a well made, handcrafted lunch. A bit pricey for what it is, but delicious! 75/100.

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About Nathalie

Nathalie is a producer, photographer, videographer and writer based in Vancouver. Between travelling to Toronto and LA for film festivals, she enjoys cooking and dining around Vancouver's vibrant restaurant scene.
  • Vincent N

    Are you guys switching roles? I’ve noticed someone is taking more wedding photos..and another is taking food photos. hmmm. :)