Guest Review: The American Cheese Steak Co.

Nathalie shares her experience at the popular American Cheese Steak Co. on Davie:

(All Photography done by Nathalie de los Santos.)

One rainy day, when I was too poor to eat at a restaurant and too cold to eat at a food truck, I chose American CheeseSteak Co.

I had a classic cheesesteak, it was simple and light. I didn’t feel too sloughed after, so I know the ingredients are high quality, good food. It wasn’t too salty or felt extremely awful for me, so I would return knowing this guilty pleasure is a well made, handcrafted lunch. A bit pricey for what it is, but delicious! 75/100.

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About Nathalie

Nathalie is a producer, photographer, videographer and writer based in Vancouver. Between travelling to Toronto and LA for film festivals, she enjoys cooking and dining around Vancouver's vibrant restaurant scene. She enjoys delicious, affordable eats in and around the city.
  • Are you guys switching roles? I’ve noticed someone is taking more wedding photos..and another is taking food photos. hmmm. :)