Planet Dailies, Los Angeles

Planet Dailies is in the Grove. Their waitress really knew how to upsell us while being friendly, so I give merit to the restaurant for training her so well. We had an avocado stack which she recommended. It’s basically tortilla chips and a circular brick of avocado and tomatoes. We had deep fried jalapenos with avocado sauce. We also had turkey lettuce wraps. I had Wyld, which is an apricot-like beer. We also had their pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon whip cream. The bourbon whip cream made my entire meal – what a good idea to give pumpkin cheesecake class. The bourbon cut into the sweetness of the cake and I felt cheeky eating it.

This was a great find. We were going to go to the cafe across and pay the same amount of money for sandwiches and fries, but this fusion was a lot better!

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Nathalie is a producer, photographer, videographer and writer based in Vancouver. Between travelling to Toronto and LA for film festivals, she enjoys cooking and dining around Vancouver's vibrant restaurant scene. She enjoys delicious, affordable eats in and around the city.