Susina, Los Angeles

I was waiting to get back in the theatre where my film was being screened on La Brea’s Acme Theatre. I was being harassed by some men for a good time and decided to flee. I ran down La Brea and found Susina.

What an amazing find! It’s a small coffee shop with the most delicious baked goods. I had a croissant with turkey and cheese. I wasn’t even hungry, but the buttery dough made the turkey moist. They also have biscuits and cakes a plenty. Salads, sandwiches. A full espresso bar – what can I say? I wish we had these instead of Starbucks!

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About Nathalie

Nathalie is a producer, photographer, videographer and writer based in Vancouver. Between travelling to Toronto and LA for film festivals, she enjoys cooking and dining around Vancouver's vibrant restaurant scene. She enjoys delicious, affordable eats in and around the city.