Tim Hortons Oakridge Centre

Tim Hortons’ has new grilled paninis at their locations across Canada (coming soon to Quebec). Tim Hortons is always good for a quick, cheap meal and I’ve made a lot of Timmy runs when I worked late nights at an old job.

Today, Brian and I decided to try out the paninis. He ordered the Tuscan Chicken and I ordered the Chipotle Turkey.

We split the panini so we could try both. The top one is the Tuscan Chicken and the bottom is the Chipotle Turkey.

I found the Tuscan Chicken to be much more flavourful than the Chipotle Turkey – it was very creamy. On the menu it says it comes with tomatoes, red onions and mozza cheese. I really couldn’t tell whether there was red onion but there were thin slices of tomatoes and the cheese.

For my Chipotle Turkey, the turkey is actually slices of deli meat, tomatoes, mozza and chipotle sauce.

For what it is, you definitely get what you pay for. These are not gourmet paninis you might expect elsewhere, but definitely filling and a quick meal for under $10.




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  • DJ

    i can seen red onions in the picture. You might want to open the sandwich and look before making assumptions. XD

    • You are absolutely right. It must’ve been an off day for blogging! Thanks for noticing….1 year later. 😛