Cattle Cafe (Kingsway)

On a recent errand run, Brian and I were in the Joyce/Kingsway neighbourhood. Being a chilly, rainy day, I was craving soup and remembered that a Cattle Cafe existed nearby.

We started off the Bubble Waffles – it’s almost a necessity whenever we come here now thanks to my good friend Gary who introduced me to them. These are crispy on the surface but soft in the middle (much like a waffle) and the taste is similar to a waffle cone.

Brian and I both decided to get a Noodle Combo which is a gigantic bowl of soup that’s fully customizable that comes with a drink for just $8.50. You can also add on to the meal, cold drinks, speciality drinks, side dishes for a couple dollars extra.

I am a creature of habit so I stuck with my Laksa soup, you can then choose two items to put into your soup, I went with Fried Fish cakes and chicken balls. Then you choose your noodles, I usually get rice noodles or udon, today I got the rice noodles. I find vermicelli soak up too much of the broth so I’m not a fan.

And because I tend to over-order when I’m hungry, I added a deep fried pork chop on the side ($1.75).

My drink was iced lemon coke – which is my go-to when I have heavy or fried Chinese food. My parents brought me up to believe that if you have a big meal or a greasy meal that pop would help with digestion. Pretty sure that logic is somewhat flawed, but it hasn’t failed me yet!

While my Laksa soup is nowhere close to a delicious bowl of real Laksa, it sufficed and curbed my laksa craving. There is SO much soup going on here, I had to take half of it home. Oh and another thing to note that the laksa at Cattle is not spicy, so if you’re not a fan of heat but want to enjoy a big bowl of laksa – try it here.

My deep fried pork chop was good – crunchy on the outside and not too bad on the inside. I think this should be served with some sort of dipping sauce though as it can get quite dry. I dipped it mostly into my soup.

Brian ordered a Satay soup with beef brisket and fried fish cakes. He ordered Curry fish balls ($1.75) on the side. They looked kind of silly on a big dish, but I guess it is what it is here!

Not entirely sure whether they weren’t so busy because it was late in the afternoon, but I can see this location getting pretty busy too. The restaurant probably seats 50 max as it’s a small space. I’d recommend coming here for lunch or even dinner – these noodle combos are fairly priced and even though this area on Kingsway is littered with many Chinese cafes, this one is a lot better than the others.






Check out their website and menu here.

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