The latest transplant from American dining is Chipotle, found right off Robson and Howe. It’s not a typical ‘sit down’ restaurant as it is a grab your order and sit or go. With their big portions and healthy, organic options, I can see why it’s extremely popular.

My sister Nathalie and I went to try it out on a chilly Saturday morning. Nathalie has been here a couple times before and is a big fan. Today, I ordered the Chicken Burrito with brown rice, black beans and regular salsa. Nathalie had warned me how big this burrito was but I didn’t really think much of it until 1) I cut it in half and 2) I finished it. The burrito is fully packed with all the fillings you ask for (and then some, if you’d like to add guacamole, etc).

Just because this is not a ‘sit down’ restaurant doesn’t mean the quality is lacking. The quality, in fact is surprising for a burrito that’s just $8.95. Your choice of brown rice or white rice is already a plus in my books, but the freshness of the ingredients really contributes to a delicious flavour that’s easy to enjoy (whether you’re a foodie or just want something to fill you up).

A healthy and filling option, it’ll be interesting to see the dynamic once Spring is back and all the food carts are lined up near the Art Gallery – Chipotle might be a big competitor to these food trucks. For those working nearby and don’t have time to stand and wait, you can order online in advance for pickup – which might be the deciding factor for people on their lunch breaks.






For their menu and ordering online, check out their website

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