Joe Fortes’ #JFTweetup

On Tuesday, Joe Fortes celebrated the opening of their patio in full style. This beautiful rooftop patio boasts one of the hidden patio gems in the city.

A fully stocked bar area with high top tables and several other regular tables make it the perfect place for after work cocktails or a great lunch or dinner on the patio.

As always, Joe Fortes keeps their delicious food in rotation and keeps the amazing drinks flowing. Here are some of the highlights of the evening:



Their DIY Sangria Bar. What a clever idea that I might have to steal for a party one day. You add your fixings, a selection of fresh fruit, sparkling water and orange juice. Our server pours the liquor into the sangria to get you started.


I think I did fairly well, what do you think?



Photo by Nathalie de los Santos
Photo by Nathalie de los Santos

Freshly shucked oysters. Duncan knew a great deal about the sauces that complimented the oysters he was shucking for us.

Photo by Nathalie de los Santos
Photo by Nathalie de los Santos


Lobster Rolls. I feel like this is becoming the newest craze and for good reason. With this delicious and refreshing array of veggies and lobsters served on a cute toasted bun, it’d hard to say no to this great summer favourite.


A brunch staple at Joe Fortes, although not an obvious one (most people would think of Joe Fortes as mainly a seafood type of place) is their delightful chicken and waffles. The chicken is expertly breaded and the waffles are dense and moist. Topped with a little heat and a little sweet, this is one of my favourite items they serve at their tweet ups.

jftweetup-51Creme Brûlée, amazing.

jftweetup-52 A mini halibut and chips. Only the best fish go into their fish and chips here at Joe Fortes. The breaded part is nice and crispy and the fish tastes so fresh.

Photo by Nathalie de los Santos
Photo by Nathalie de los Santos
Photo by Nathalie de los Santos
Photo by Nathalie de los Santos
Photo by Nathalie de los Santos



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