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There have been many times where I’ve passed by here and wanted to stop, but for whatever reason, I was either on my way to eat somewhere else or already full off whatever I just ate (tough life, I know). But dining with two other foodies, Diana (Foodology) and Amy (Food Queen) gave us a great reason to check it out (even if we had just ate some delicious ramen).

Okay, so just to be clear – Nero Waffle Bar expects you to order first before you take a seat, as we found out when we were told that it was no-no for me to sit down outside on the patio before ordering to save us some seats. There wasn’t anyone behind us, but there was a couple in front of us (who ended up having a seat inside anyway). Anyway, if this is a big deal – which I could see it being one since they’re normally very busy – it’d be great for them to have that right outside on their menu so that it’s clear.

Now back to our food. There are two ways you can get your waffles – the Belgium waffle and the Leige Waffle. The difference? The liege is chewier, softer and has pearled sugar in it.


Amy ordered the Banella ($6.95) with the liege waffle. Great looking and healthy.


Diana ordered the Rudoph ($9) on a Belgium waffle. As you can see it’s served with vanilla ice cream, Belgium chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries drizzled in chocolate, powdered sugar and whipped cream. Beautiful.


I ordered the Mocha ($8.90) on a Belgium waffle. This monstrosity is topped with vanilla ice cream, 60% dark chocolate and espresso infused whipped cream. It’s just as delicious as it looks. The waffles stayed quite crispy (or maybe I just ate fast, who knows!). The espresso whipped cream had a hint of the espresso taste and the white chocolate ice cream was nice and refreshing. I honestly enjoyed Diana’s Belgium chocolate mousse better, but this is also a great waffle to try.

Food: mini5forks

Service: mini3forks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini3andahalfforks

OVERALL: 4andahalfforks

Check out their website here.

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  • Jan

    Hi Dee,

    Thanks for you blog post and your most valuable feedback. We are glad you enjoyed our waffles. As we know that there is always room for improvement, we did put signs on the tables outside to point out how the ordering and seating system works.

    We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to see you and Diana again!

    Thank you,

    Nero Belgian waffle bar

    • Hi Jan!

      That’s great news! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment about the confusion. I’ll definitely be back again, Nero has the best waffles in town!

      • Jan

        Hi Dee!

        Thanks for your understanding! See you again soon!


        • Jan

          Hi Dee!

          It’s me again. Would you mind if I propose one of your pictures for an article about us? If they like the photo, could you provide me with the original, without water mark? I will insist mentioning the author of the photo though.


          Nero Belgian waffle bar

          • Hi Jan,

            Sure, can you send me an email and let me know which one you need – I’ll have to go back and look for the original photo:


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