Urban Sushi Japanese Cuisine

This review is a little over due, but better late than never right? Nicole and I caught up on a cold, rainy day after work downtown. We were shopping nearby and thought we’d pop into Urban Sushi for a super late lunch.


We ordered some rolls to share including Salmon Avocado ($4.65), Negitoro ($3.10) and Salmon ($2.75). The rolls were a good size and were decent. They offer brown rice sushi here too, which is always a plus.


Up next was our Tuna and Salmon sashimi ($8). Pretty standard, smaller than most places as well. The salmon had a thicker, more rigid texture to it – unlike most places that are fairly buttery. I’m assuming it’s because the way it was cut that it had this consistency. The tuna was average, a little on the fishy side and dotted with red clots. They didn’t affect the taste though.


Nicole ordered miso soup to warm up and our last roll came -the Alaska Roll ($4.50). This version of Alaska is salmon, imitation crabmeat and fish roe.


Pretty standard and nothing too amazing. I think my favourite incarnation of the Alaska Roll is still Sushi Garden‘s version.
There are many great sushi spots downtown, but I can see why this is popular – it is probably a quick trip for many of the office towers nearby. However as a destination restaurant, I could think of a couple more places I’d rather go to that are closeby.

Food: mini2andahalfforks

Service: mini3forks

Value: mini2andahalfforks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 2andahalfforks

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