Taste of Vietnam

Nothing better on a rainy, miserable day than a bowl of piping hot pho. This pho place is on Oak and Broadway, closer to where I live. It’s simple and home-like, and all around comforting. What I liked most was it wasn’t too salty!IMG_7350

This is my well done beef pho! Ready to be dressed with…IMG_7351

My favorite part, bean sprouts!


We ordered a “bruschette” which was just meatballs. I was expecting like bruschetta, like bread and tomatoes and stuff. Josh ordered these, and even though I was expecting something else, they were quite good.

It’s strange. This place had a more homely feel than most other pho places. It was laid back and the staff were kind. I got into a conversation about nail polish with the lady at the register. I’d give this place a 3.5/5. Their service is quite good, but the pho will either be something you enjoy comfort-wise, or might not because it’s plainer than some other establishments Gastrofork has gone to. Depends on what kind of pho eater you are – the comfort kind or the heaps of meat and flavour kind.

I would come back though to sit back, relax and have dinner here.


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Nathalie is a producer, photographer, videographer and writer based in Vancouver. Between travelling to Toronto and LA for film festivals, she enjoys cooking and dining around Vancouver's vibrant restaurant scene. She enjoys delicious, affordable eats in and around the city.