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dee0Dee de los Santos, Creator and Editor

Inspired by her father’s cooking savvy and her love of trying out new places, Dee decided to pursue her love of food and travel. Although she prefers eating at a restaurant, she has also taken up cooking as a novice home chef.

Dee is a notable food + travel writer who has written for the Daily Meal, Tourism Richmond and has been featured in the National Post, 24hrs, Urbanspoon and was named one of the Top 25 Culinary Travel bloggers to follow in 2014 by TripAdvisor’s FlipKey blog.

Adrian Ver, East Coast Editor

Fuelled by his curiosity to always try something new, Adrian’s passion for food began at a young age. Whenever his adrian ver gastrofork east coast editormom and aunt are in the kitchen, he would inquisitively ask if they needed any help. He would then proceed to take a bite out of whatever they were cooking/baking, sneakily of course. After joining his school’s Young Chefs Club during his 6th grade, he knew his love of food would just continue to grow.

Adrian’s food adventures include a stint in culinary school; this further enhanced his love of food and cooking. Having recently relocated from Vancouver to Toronto, he is Gastrofork’s newly minted East Coast Editor. Stay tuned as he explores all the eats in a vibrant new city!

Nathalie de los Santos, Photographer + Videographer

nathalie_de_los_santos_1_0_0_0Nathalie has developed a love for travel which has recently brought her to Germany, Italy, Toronto, San Francisco and LA. She enjoys delicious, affordable eats in and around the city.

Nathalie contributes written restaurant and travel reviews both locally and internationally, she is also Gastrofork’s official photographer at events and shares a weekly video series called Tea Tuesdays.

Joe de los Santos, Cookbook Creator + Filipino Cooking Youtube Series

pacircleJoe has been cooking for almost all his life with rave reviews from his friends and family. He always had a passion for food which he developed at a young age watching his mother cook. People would order food from her during special events and now people order food from him during special occasions!

Joe contributes Filipino Recipes on our Youtube Channel.


Liane Hung
“Food Tales with Liane” Youtube Series

lianeClever advertising, fat babies, horror movies and fine culinary cuisine, these are the things Liane Hung adores. But of course, food ranks #1, a love she almost too passionately admits. Her interest of sharing what’s delicious began with her ritual of meeting up with friends during recess and discussing who brought the best snack that day. She always won.

Now a young member of society, Liane has decided to spread her knowledge of food outside of the playgrounds. She only hopes her attempts at humour while describing to the best of her ability “how that thing she ate tastes”, will bring a bit of joy into your life, as much as food has brought joy into hers.

Nickie Graham
nickie_gastroforkA true food lover and chef at heart, Nickie began cooking at a very early age. She began learning her way a round a kitchen by helping her parents and other family members prepare meals. The first full meal she ever cooked by herself was at twelve years old after her dad and step mom were exhausted from a day of moving. From then on, she was hooked. She began experimenting with cooking and baking everything from basic steamed veggies to elaborately decorated multi-tiered cakes. Her mixed Asian-British background has helped inspire and encourage her culinary diversity. Today, she still enjoys cooking for her family and friends, always experimenting with new ingredients. She is now looking to expand her horizons and branch out into the world of foodies and food bloggers to share her experiences.

Nicole contributes written restaurant and travel reviews.

Josh contributes written cocktail, beer and wine reviews.

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