Green Basil is a Thai restaurant located across Metrotown, next to the ever popular Sushi Garden. It is a great alternative if you don’t want to wait in line at Sushi Garden. I definitely recommend you at least try their lunch special ($6.95 plates served with salad and a spring roll).


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The restaurant is clean and has Thailand themed colours that are warm and earthy. There are many different trinkets representing Thailand. There’s lots of seating and they do accommodate parties (10-12 people).

I frequent this place often, especially when I was at BCIT and had a long lunch break. But the dinner is just as good!

My husband ordered a Mango Colada and when I had a sip, I kicked myself for not ordering one instead of my usual pop (by the way, their pop is bottomless). The Mango Colada was sweet and had a good proportion of both mango and coconut flavours.

For starters, we ordered Beef Thai Satay, served with peanut sauce. We order this because the chicken and beef are very tender and we love the peanut sauce they serve with the barbecued meat.

I also recommend getting either the Tom Yum or Tom Kah soup for starters, its spicy though, but a great appetizer.

I normally order Green curry but this time we tried their specialty lamb curry. I’m not a big fan of lamb but they boiled most of the gamey taste out of it since I enjoyed it here. The meat was tender and served with plenty of peppers and onions.

We also ordered a favourite of mine – Gai Yaang – which is grilled chicken. Their barbecued chicken is delicious. It’s moist, soft and has a great chargrilled taste to it. We barely ever touch the sauce because it’s that good on its own.

Take note that you do have to order your own bowls of rice as they don’t come with your meal (except for lunch specials) but one bowl should be enough for one person.

Overall, I enjoy this restaurant a LOT. I think its family run, the manager is nice and he always helps out when it’s busy (and even when it’s not). It’s hard to find a good Thai place in Burnaby, but this is a gem.

Food – 4 FORKS
The food is always consistent here, ’nuff said.

Service – 4 FORKS
The waitresses are pleasant and always around when you need something.

Value – 4 FORKS
Thai food is never cheap, but this place is very reasonable compared to a lot of other places. Most of the dishes I’ve ordered are worth their price.

Ambiance – 3.5 FORKS
The restaurant is clean and the colours they’ve chosen for the design is earthy and peaceful. Its a bit awkward when you come in to the restaurant because it’s split right down the middle by a wall, so sometimes I don’t know whether I should go left or right to find someone to seat us, but other than that, it’s a great space.

You can check out more of the menu here.

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