Dineout Vancouver restaurant #2: Pier 73, formally the old Elephant and Castle located next to Delta Airport Hotel. I’d like to note that if you are a restaurant patron, parking is free – but no worries if you did pay for parking, they will reimburse you.


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When we arrived, we were seated right away, next to the window. The decor is consistent with most hotel restaurants and the crowd was mostly visitors to the country. I apologize for the piss poor pictures but iPhone + dark restaurant doesn’t mix. Sorry!

For the appetizer, we all chose the Tuscan tomato & white bean soup w/buttered pesto focaccia. As you could probably tell from the picture – NO FOCACCIA. The soup itself was decent, it was very rich with white beans.

My friends and I ordered each entree – potato gnocchi with bacon and vegetables, butter chicken and the grilled wild sockeye salmon.

The gnocchis were HUGE. It was tossed with bacon and different types of vegetables. The serving was so big that my friend couldn’t even finish it.

My dish – the grilled wild sockeye salmon was not as great. The salmon was overcooked and dry. My rice felt like it was drowning in lemon and my vegetables had little to no flavour. As I’m writing this review and taking a look at the menu online, I noticed that my dish was supposed to be served with potatoes, mushrooms and leeks. Hmm.

My friend ordered the butter chicken and it was pretty good for a non-Indian place.

We all decided to have the banana and chocolate bread pudding, served with coconut gelato and Tahitian vanilla creme. This was BY FAR THE BEST part of the meal. It was warm, chewy and had a good ratio of banana, chocolate and bread. The gelato was delicious and the ‘Tahitian vanilla creme’ looked and tasted more like whipped cream.

Overall, my friends’ food was great but I felt mine left much to be desired. The dessert was amazing and made up for my dry and strange tasting meal, but I don’t think I’d go here again unless I was in the area and had no other options.

My friends’ food was decent and the dessert was delicious which made up for my meal.

Our server came to check on us here and there but didn’t make that “connection” a lot of places similar to this establishment does.

Value : 
This is one of the cheaper options for dine out and the food was decent for the price – but when I was looking at the regular menu, I don’t know why anyone would pay that amount of money for typical food you can get better anywhere else.

The restaurant is situated next to the water and the marina, so during the day, I’m sure the view is amazing. Since Pier 73 seemed more like a bar, it had the sights and sounds of a bar – full of boisterous visitors.

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