I used to work graveyards at the hospital and get hungry at 2 in the morning. Even now when I’m out late with friends, we still try to figure out what’s open. Here are the BEST OF places open late.

#1 The Naam Vegetarian Restaurant (Vegetarian). 2724 W. 4th. Ave. Open 24/7.

#2 Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House (Chinese) – 3163 Main St. Open till 2am.

#3 Pho Kim Penh Xe Lua (Vietnamese) – Cambie & Broadway. Open 24/7.

#4 Gigi’s Pizza & Spaghetti House (Greek & Italian) – 189 West Broadway. Open till 3am.

#5 Breka Bakery (Cafe/European) – 6533 Fraser St. Open 24/7.