A couple weeks ago, my family and I went to Joe Fortes for my birthday. We made reservations, as recommended to me by a friend. I loved Joe Fortes! Our waitress was very helpful and friendly.

For starters, we wanted to try some of their famous oysters, so our waitress recommended the  sampler plate. I can’t say I’m a big fresh oyster fan because well, I’m allergic to shellfish – but I can have one or two before it gets bad for me. Anyway, my dad is not a fan of fresh oysters and so we ordered both the sampler plate of fresh oysters and the Crispy Fried local oysters.

The fresh oysters were so delicious, they were fresh and pungent. My husband and my mother are my experts when it comes to fresh oysters and they both enjoyed them.


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The Crispy Fried local oysters were lightly breaded and served with coleslaw. I didn’t get to try it myself, but my dad loved them. They were still hot and crispy when  they were served and the coleslaw was freshly made and zesty.


Prior to our main meals, they brought around bread and rather than serving olive oil and balsamic vinegar – they poured lobster oil and balsamic vinegar. The oil was AH-mazing! Just thinking about it now makes me drool! We asked for another basket of bread because we wanted to finish off the lobster oil. That is DEFINITELY a must try when you go there. The lobster oil is available for purchase.


I had the Sockeye Salmon with maple brown butter sauce and it literally melted in my mouth. It was sweet and prepared just the way I like – medium rare. It was served alongside roasted baby potatoes and asparagus.

I wish I took a picture of my mom’s food, she decided to get their lunch special which is three courses for only $17.95! She chose the caesar salad (which also came recommended to us) and the Wild Salmon. I was hesitant to get the prix fixe menu because normally the portions are small but my mom’s entree was just as big as mine! When the food came, I wished I did get the menu after all. Oh well!

My aunt had the Fresh Shrimp Linguine which was more than a generous amount of pasta!

I was most impressed with my dad’s Fish and Chips because they were SUCH big portions! Even he was amazed (and it takes a lot to amaze my dad). It looked absolutely delicious, so tender and flaky! I might have to order it the next time I go.


Finally, I had the Duo of Chocolate, since my parents insisted (gosh, how could I say no to dessert, right?). It consisted of a cake made of dark chocolate pate and a molten center lava cake served with a side of vanilla ice cream. The cake just melted in my mouth and complimented so well with the very delicious ice cream and shortbread served with it.

Overall, we all enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the friendly service at Joe Fortes. I noticed some waitresses knew names of their patrons and I thought that was very welcoming as well.

Food – 5 FORKS
For being absolutely amazing food.

Service – 4.5 FORKS
Friendly service, barely had to wait for our table.

Value – 5 FORKS
It is one of the more pricier restaurants, but its definitely worth every penny paid because the food is delicious!

Ambiance – 4 FORKS
Joe Fortes is reminiscent of a busy New York restaurant: where the noise is just other people’s chatter and the pieces of decor were tasteful and – for lack of better phrasing – old school! The only thing that was a bit awkward was where I was sitting. The table had big feet holding it up and so it was hard for me to put my feet down on the floor, so I was sitting kind of akwardly.

Check out their menu here!

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