(Two Locations: 4269 Lougheed Hwy & 4635 Kingsway – both in Burnaby)

Sushi Garden is a hidden gem in Burnaby. Most popular and tasty sushi restos are in Vancouver & Richmond but Sushi Garden gives those places a run for their money.


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There are great selections on the menu: different types of rolls, quality sashimi, an assortment of appetizers and cooked food as well.

Today, a friend and I went for lunch. Most of the time either Sushi Gardens are full and you have to wait, but we must’ve came at a good time because we were seated right away.

We ordered the Assorted Tempura to begin. They give quite generous portions here, the batter was crispy and the veggies and prawn tempura were perfectly cooked on the inside. It was still piping hot when served as well.

Our next dish was Yaki Udon: beef, mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, green onions and seaweed on top. I don’t know how they do it, but Sushi Garden has the tastiest sauce for their fried udon. It’s very rich and buttery.

Our third dish was Tonkatsu – which is breaded pork. It was served with salad and their respective sauce/dressing on the side. The tonkatsu is very flavourful on its own and breaded lightly. Without the tonkatsu sauce, you can definitely tell they’ve marinated the tonkatsu prior to frying it up.

For our sushi, we went with a favourite of mine: the Alaska Roll and tried a new roll: the Filet O’Fish roll. My friend and I found the Filet O’Fish roll a little too heavy with the mayonnaise but the breaded fish inside was rather tasty. The Alaska Roll is a MUST try when you come to Sushi Garden because they don’t make it the same way as everywhere else. It has a sauce similar to the dressing they put on top of the salads at most sushi places and the pieces of sushi melt in your mouth.

I wish I had ordered some sashimi to share with you how huge the portions are, but maybe I’ll have to go back and do another post for a dinner there.

Overall, Sushi Garden is a great choice for sushi in Burnaby, and even worth the drive in from Vancouver.

Food : 
Everything I have ever ordered off their menu is always delicious and consistent. The portions are big and their menu is fairly vast – consisting of what you’d normally find at any sushi place and their specialty rolls.

If you’re going to Sushi Garden – make sure you leave your name at the front because they will not seat you as you come through the door. Keep that in mind and you’ll be fine. I find the service at both to be pretty quick when it comes to food and ordering. But I find the Lougheed Sushi Garden to have friendlier servers. They are always busy, so try and make reservations as much as you possibly can. The wait however, is worth it.

Definitely worth every single penny you pay for!

Ambiance –
I like the decoration and the setup at the Lougheed location better than the one across Metrotown. The dark wood and stone motive match their plates and dishes, which I find much more pleasing than the Metrotown location (which is more of a lighter theme and have your standardly decorated sushi plates).

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