Well Tea is a Taiwanese cafe/bubble tea house. They have two locations, one in Richmond (Hazelbridge Way) and one near the BCIT campus downtown (Seymour).

My first time at Well Tea was at the Richmond one, and let me tell you, it was nothing to write home about.

I ordered Chocolate Milk Tea with Pudding and the Beef Teppanyaki dish. The Milk Tea had no taste to it, it was warm and the pudding didn’t contribute to the taste either. We waited a long time for our food to come as well, but since we were in a big group, we didn’t mind since we were chatting.

My Beef Teppanyaki was okay, it was warm, soft and cooked in their special sauce.

I don’t think I’d ever willingly go back to the one in Richmond – HOWEVER, I recently went with a good friend of mine to the one on Seymour and I found the food much better here.

This time, I ordered the same dish to do a comparison and it was far more delicious than Richmond. This is teppanyaki Taiwanese style, I have no idea what that means, but I found the meat to be very tender and buttery and the sauce was not as heavy as Japanese teryiaki and heavier than soy. The presentation was much better, there more vegetables and they even sprinkled black seeds on my rice.

My friend had the Pig Blood Hot Pot and he enjoyed it.

Overall, I had a far better experience at the downtown Well Tea, and because of that, I’m doing two separate reviews.

Well Tea – SEYMOUR Location

Food – 4 FORKS
My teppanyaki was delicious, it came straight out of the kitchen and perfect for one person.

Service – 3 FORKS
To be fair, we did come during a busy time and being an asian place, I’m not really too surprised with the service being just average.

Value – 3 FORKS
The prices are decent for the amount of food and quality.

Ambiance – 3.5 FORKS
Wow, this place is huge. It’s much cleaner and brighter than the one in Richmond. They also have a separate take-out area and there is a lot of space to wait for your food and also to sit down.

Well Tea – RICHMOND Location

Food – 1 FORK
My food and my bubble tea was bland.

Service – 2 FORKS
We waited a long time for our food and it wasn’t too busy. They also charged us an extra plate and took about 20 minutes to figure out that it didn’t belong on our bill.

Value – 2 FORKS
I know I’m giving it a lower mark even though it’s the same price downtown, but you know what? If you’re on Hazelbridge Way or around that area, there are far better places to eat.

Ambiance – 3 FORKS
The place is not too bad looking, it seems clean but boy, is it loud. The music and just the crowd in general was very loud.

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