Brian can appreciate a good meal on the go since his job and lifestyle revolves around fact that he is constantly running around the city. Here he is, listing his Top 5 under $10.

1. Kwong Chow (16th & Main)- “The special lunch or dinner menu where everything is under $6.95.”
Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House 廣州粥面小厨 on Urbanspoon

2. Honolulu Cafe (4288 Main)-  “Just like Kwong Chow, they also have a special lunch menu or mini dishes.”
Honolulu Cafe 檀島茶餐廳 (Main) on Urbanspoon

3. Tim Hortons (Misc. Locations) – “I usually get a bagel and a coffee which is under $5.”

4. Cafe Crepe Express (Granville) – “Chocolate banana crepe, baby!”

5. Hon’s (Robson/Chinatown) – “I usually get their bubble tea combo.”
Hon's Wun Tun House 漢記 (Robson) on Urbanspoon

Photography by: Domenic de los Santos