I cant say I’m in Port Coquitlam too often, but because of work, I was around the area and decided to grab a cup of coffee at this local shop.

The outside looks decieving because when you walk in, it is spacious, clean and modern. The seating area is well spaced out and theres even an area for board games (which they provide).

I havent had their pastries (yet) – but they are ridoculously big! Their nanaimo bars were cut in triangles and their brownies were double your normal size brownies and covered in chocolate sauce on the top. I was so tempted, but I restrained myself..however, I’ll make it a point to try one of their pastries the next time I’m in. They also have a gelato corner, approx $3.50 for a scoop.

I ordered a Sweetheart Mocha which is their February special and it comprises of white chocolate, espresso and cinnamon. It was topped off with whipcream and a cinnamon heart- cute!

I have to say they had a great espresso machine- most of the time I find places like Starbucks too bitter or burnt tasting. Caffe
Vibrato’s espresso is the perfect combination of sweetness and bitter.

I also want to mention that the barista was very friendly and helpful when I was deciding on what to get.

Food/Coffee : 
I didnt get to try their food but their espresso is amazing.

Good service goes a long way in the matters of food. Excellent job.

The prices are standard coffee shop fare.

Very clean, spacious and they even have an area for games!

Check out their website here.

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