Kwong Chow is another Chinese noodle dive that provides cheap eats and good food. They’re located on Main & 16th, across the ways of Burgoo.

They have late night menus and lunch menus with dishes at $6.50 with a drink, or “mini” meals that are $4.25! What I also love about the restaurant is that they take Cash, Credit or Debit!

This time, we were there for lunch and ordered two noodle dishes.

The first one is a very popular dish – beef rice noodle in soy sauce. This is a pretty generic dish that you can get anywhere, but it is one of my favourite. It’s made of flat, wide rice noodles, beef slices, onion, green onion and bean sprouts mixed in a soy sauce.

The second noodle dish was Shanghai Noodles – the noodles are square and tossed with carrots, mushrooms, cabbage and onion. It was much more flavourful than our first noodle dish but it seemed a lot heavier on the grease.

The food is decent, not gourmet Chinese food but good old ‘comfort’ food that anyone can enjoy.

The service is typical of any asian place you go to, but sometimes this place is a total miss. There was once we waited for an hour for our food because our waitress forgot – but that was once from the many times we’ve frequented the restaurant. This time, the service was prompt and the our waitress was more friendlier than usual.

Value : 
Food for $4.25 that comes with a drink or soup? That’s pretty damn cheap.

It’s a dive, so it’s not exactly the best place to take a date. But you’re not paying for ambiance when you come here, are you?

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