Not too far from the Ikea in Coquitlam, My Greek Taverna is a hidden gem. I would say it’s the Stepho’s for the ‘burbs.

When we went, it was about 9pm but the place was bustling. They have all the greek decor you’ve come to expect, including interesting 3D paintings on the east side of the restaurant.

The menu is very greek, including greek font that made it a little hard to read but it wasn’t too bad. They have the standard fare including hummous for starters, moussaka, calamari, roast lamb (although they were sold out that night) and even greek desserts.

I ordered the Calamari dinner and my husband ordered the BBQ Ribs & Lasagna. Our order came quicker than we expected and was served with garlic pita bread.

My Calamari dinner was enormous – I would say bigger than Stepho’s serving. It was served with greek salad, rice, half a roast potato and tzatziki sauce. The calamari was a bit saltier and soggier than Stepho’s, but it wasn’t that noticeable since I enjoyed it with their fresh tzatziki. I do like the taste of the rice and potato much better here than Stepho’s. The potato was sweet and had a hint of mustard/horseradish but nothing overwhelming. My greek salad was still cool and had generous amounts of feta.

My husband’s BBQ Ribs & Lasagna was also a big portion (a full rack of ribs and a generous portion of lasagna). The ribs were tender and juicy and had a good amount of barbecue sauce on them. The lasagna was very meaty and had a lot of cheese on the top which my husband seemed to enjoy considering his plate was clean by the end of the meal!

For dessert, there were six choices and three were more ‘greek’. We tried to Bougatsa.

As the description says, it’s “custard cream wrapped up in flaky fill pastry” – topped with cinnamon and icing sugar.

The dessert itself was covered in cinnamon and icing sugar. The inside was custard and it had a tart/lemony taste to it. I wasn’t too impressed by it, but it wasn’t so bad.

The food is great, big portion and seems freshly made.

The waitresses were friendly, helpful and always came to refill our water.

Value :
This place is a little bit pricier than Stepho’s and it’s a bit of a drive, I don’t know if I’d ever feel compelled to come out to Coquitlam just to have Greek. But the portions are worth the price paid.

Ambiance : 
I love the hustle and bustle of a Greek restaurant, and that’s definitely what you get here. There’s Greek music playing in the background, candle light, checkered table cloths and everything Greek related.

Check out the menu here.

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