You cooked a new recipe you found online and OH NO! It tastes horribly bland. Or maybe you’re wondering what the heck you’re gonna do with those bread ends or left over meat you can’t serve on its own?

Here are some ideas to try and salvage your hard work- but remember not all food can be salvaged!

My dish is too..

BLAND – Add hot sauce.

Photo taken from Flickr’s CC w/Attribution)

Sriracha is my favourite. You can also add salt & pepper, or if you’re cooking Italian, the trifecta of Italian seasoning is Oregano, Basil and Parsley. Garlic is also my personal saviour.


(Photo taken from Flickr’s CC w/Attribution)

Once again, Sriracha is sweet and spicy, so it can also even out the taste, you can also add more ‘starch’ to your meal like rice or pasta. If it’s soup or sauce, then add some more water to the meal and even out the watery taste with spices.


(Photo taken from Flickr’s CC w/Attribution)

Adding starch to your meal (like noodles) can tame the flames of a spicy dish. If it’s a creamy spicy sauce, add milk.


Sweeten it up with sugar or add spices.

Don’t you hate left over bread ends? I stash them in the freezer and end up with a lot. The best thing to make with em is – BREAD PUDDING.

You ever have left over meat but not enough to serve as a meal? Add it to some pasta and sauce, or you can make congee or soup with it.

Leftover Wine from a party a couple days ago? Pour into meals that have sauces – keep your white wine with either creamy or lighter sauces and your red wine for darker or tomato based sauces.