When I think of a place that’s cheap and quick, I go to asian places. I do go to Beefy not necessarily for the taste but for convienience.The Burnaby location is very close to where I go to school (BCIT).

Today I had what I normally get, their famous salty crispy peppery chicken with rice. I dont really like getting the soup version unless Im starving because it’s a big portion but a bland soup base.

My chicken was tender and moist like it always is, but it seemed like a smaller portion from my last visit. My side dishes were pickled sweet cucumber and pickled radish with a hint of ginger.

I had bubble tea because I was craving for it for so long! My favourite is chocolate milk with coconut jelly. The serving is big here and not too sweet.

My husband ordered beef fried noodles. I was taken aback with the smell- very fishy. My husband said it was a “satay” sauce. I found his dish to be too salty and very very greasy.

He ordered passionfruit green tea. It was sweet, refreshing but had a strange metallic after taste to it. I’m not entirely sure whether this is common with passionfruit, but it was a bit off.


Our food was a bit off today. I dont expect gourmet here but consistency is a bit important if you have customers who are indifferent about whether they come here or not.

I still think the price is decent here. A meal under $10. There are a lot of great chinese food places that offer cheaper prices but this place is cleaner than most and serve good bubble tea as well.

The look of the place is clean and simple. Dark wooden tables and matching plate sets. Barely any decor but definitely better looking than their burnaby location.

I do think the service is much better at this location. They’re quick, talk fluent English/Mandarin/Cantonese and are easy to flag down to get something from.



Their menu is located here.


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