Hey everyone! Thanks for your patience, the new website is up and running!

I wanted a more spacious layout with more pictures – because food is a story best told with photos! There are still some kinks I’m ironing out, but the issues should be addressed before Monday. I feel like this layout is more representative of me from the colours to design. I spent many hours wracking over images, designing and studying CSS style sheets, but it was all worth it in the end! I love it, it’s a combination of my favourite colours and is much brighter than my last one!

I’d sincerely like to thank Bren (for getting the ball rolling and helping me design!), Ben of Chowtimes (for your awesome suggestions! keep em coming!) and for my hubby, Brian, who is currently sitting here with me, at 4:09 AM as I finish it up.

Thanks for continuing to read my posts! More to come very soon!

<3 dee