Today I tried some of the new Starbucks Petites pastries. They have eight different kinds and they are smaller than the usual fare offered – for good reason, because they are very rich. Most of the time, I find Starbucks pastries are best as a good dessert. Having worked for Starbucks before, I really do miss their savoury items like the veggie roll, savoury roll, feta cheese bun.

Anyway, this is Part 1 of this mini-review. I normally don’t like doing reviews of big chains because I’d like to keep to places that are local but the opportunity arose since I frequent a local Starbucks. Well, it’s more like my dad frequents it and I come along with, I barely drink any coffee!

Today, I’m reviewing the Salted Caramel Bar, Lemon Sweet Square & Tiramisu cake pop.

The Salted Caramel Sweet Square is very indulgent and sweet. It has a shortbread bottom with pecan and pretzels in the middle. The top is chocolate fudge fused with caramel. I think this was my favourite pastry out of the three I tried. When you first bite into it, you do get mostly the pecan centre and chocolate on top but as you have more, you get to the pretzel part in the middle that gives that salty – but not too salty taste to it. I rate it 3.5 FORKS out of 5 for it’s sweet and salty flavour, it is the perfect size because it is quite decadent and would probably pair very well with an espresso type drink.

Next up, the Lemon Sweet Square. I found the square to be tart, with just enough lemon flavour but not overwhelmingly so to make it very sour and sweet at the end. The crust is also made of shortbread and the top is made of “lemon curd” according to their website. Originally I thought it was white chocolate on the top. This is an alternative to the rest of the Petites that are quite sweet and would pair very well with something sweet – like a vanilla latte or mocha. I give this pastry 3.5 FORKS out of 5 for tart flavour, not being too sweet and being decently sized.

First of all, I apologize for the blurry image. Down below is the picture I took off the Starbucks website which looks so much better.

Finally, the Tiramisu Cake Pop. This cake pop is really heavy. The outside layer is very thick and tasteless- I’m assuming its some sort of butter icing to maintain the freshness. When you bite into the cake part in the middle, you may think the cake is undercooked or doughy, but since this is a Tiramisu pop, the consistency of the cake is correct.However the actual taste of the cake is another story. It had very little Tiramisu flavour in it, I tasted more butter and syrup to it. I didn’t enjoy this pastry. I rate this pastry 1 FORK out of 5 because it is too sweet and syrupy in the middle and the outer icing is too thick.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the review coming up soon…