Last minute dinner plans led us to one of our favourite spots, Sushi Garden. I’ve done another post on Sushi Garden here.

If you’ve never been here before, it’s usually packed. We came about an hour before closing and we still had to wait a bit to be seated. Remember that when you go to Sushi Garden – leave your name at the front/cashier!

Today we tried the Tuna Gomaae. As you could probably tell, its Gomaae (spinach and peanut sauce) but with chunks of tuna sashimi mixed in it. The sauce and the tuna paired well with one another. The chefs were also generous in the amount of tuna they put in the dish. I normally never order gomaae unless its either recommended to me before hand or it’s All You Can Eat because I don’t think the price you pay for it is worth it. I did enjoy this one though and it was worth the $4.95.

Up next was our sashimi (half tuna and half salmon – yes boring I know!). I think the portion and the flavour of the sashimi is always good at Sushi Garden. It’s never frozen, slimy or fishy tasting. Decently priced as well.

Our last dish was the infamous Alaska roll and Tropical Dynamite roll. Whenever I go to Sushi Garden, I always have to get the Alaska roll. I’m normally not a fan of too much avocado or any other kind of Alaska roll, but the sauce they use on top of the roll (kind of similar to the dressing they put in their green salad) is sweet and creamy.

The Tropical Dynamite roll had two cooked prawn pieces, avocado, some salmon sashimi, cream cheese and peach inside wrapped in sweet egg. I wasn’t too impressed with the roll, I found it a little dry and not very tasty.

I love Sushi Garden. A solid choice for sushi in Burnaby and worth the trip from Vancouver. I find I rarely dislike any dish that’s ordered here.


The Lougheed location is new, dark mahogany themed and with plates to match. With a new barrier between people waiting and people dining, it is a more pleasant experience as well.

For the amount and quality of food, you definitely get the best for your money. There are other sushi places that offer rolls for cheaper – but taste awful. I don’t find the pricing here too expensive, it’s affordable.

The service was a bit spotty tonight but I’m assuming because we were there at the end of the night. It took a bit for our waitress to come over and take our order, but our first dish came out within 5 minutes.

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