It’s my husband and his brother (yes, they’re twins)’s birthday this weekend – meaning food, glorious food! In the morning, I got a message from his brother’s wife asking if we’d like to go for breakfast. So we happy obliged.

This is my first time having breakfast at a HK cafe. Angel Cafe is located a little bit past 41st on Fraser street. Their breakfast runs from 8:30am-11:30am. You get two choices – either something from column A or B for $4.50 or one from each column for an additional dollar – $5.50. This comes with a drink and your choice of toast, french toast or a waffle. There are also other options for approximately $5.75-$7.

I ordered the milk coffee/tea, standard size, I was really tired so the coffee was a great pick me up.

I ordered eggs and sausage with a waffle. I don’t know why, but I thought my waffle would be one of those big, fluffy, Belgian ones – I was wrong. It was an eggo! My sausage was just a hot dog. My eggs which I ordered over easy was barely cooked inside – I mean the whites were still raw! I wasn’t too impressed with it.

My second dish was satay beef with spaghetti in soup. This was much better than my first dish, although nothing too spectacular. The beef was tender and glazed in satay sauce, not too salty. The beef was a little more chewier than I like, but otherwise, not too bad. The spaghetti and the soup was good, the broth had a sweet beef flavour to it.

My husband ordered a cheese and mushroom omelette with french toast and the same satay beef with spaghetti in soup. He too, thought his omelette was just okay – a bit bland for his liking. I do like the asian french toast, it’s much more fluffier and not overly eggy.

His brother ordered something similar. I think it was some sort of ham omelette.

Overall, the breakfast was good, cheap but nothing really out of the ordinary. Angel Cafe is usually a busy spot, but the food is pretty average.

The food is kind of bland, but there are many options to choose from, so maybe I might try something different next time. I was kind of surprised (yet, kind of not?) that my sausage I ordered was actually a hot dog and that my waffle was an eggo. But it’s definitely a cheap place to eat for breakfast.

The place is large, has two sides (one side is also a bakery). It isn’t dirty as most asian places (or at least, it gives the illusion that it isn’t as dirty).

There aren’t many places you can find a meal under $6, you definitely get a lot of food for your money and if you’re not too picky on taste, this’ll do just fine.

The service is on par with most asian places, but our food came quickly.



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