Hi friends!

I apologize for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been busy preparing for the Bake for the Quake sale on Wednesday! (Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown from 6-8:30pm).

The BftQ sale is benefiting Doctors without Borders for the Japan earthquake and tsunami – but all this information can be found in my other post here.

I wanted to share a sneak peek of some of the things that we’re working on. I’m going to have my own table (eek!) with another great baker and good friend – Brendan Wing! He’s making Rocky Road Bars, Chocolate Banana Loaves and tonnes and tonnes of different cookies (Oatmeal almond chip, oatmeal shortbread and oatmeal cranberry).

I’m not the most seasoned baker at BftQ, but I’ll be there doing what I can to support this great cause and event!

I’ll be bringing Biko, Puto and Apple Turnovers.

Biko is a Filipino sweet and sticky rice dessert, and is probably my favourite Filipino dessert! My mom always makes this for us on special events – like Christmas and Easter. The recipe I’m using is hers (but quadrupled!). The past week or so I have taken a crash course on how to properly and evenly spread the coconut and sugary goodness on top, and also preparing the banana leaves (or dahon ng saging) for decoration purposes! (Please dont eat the leaves!!) I encourage everyone to try this one out – its sweet and heavy, but the slice is perfect to share or if you’re hungry!!

Puto is a soft, spongy rice cake. They usually serve something similar in Dim Sum and at Chinese bakeries but it’s yellow. Puto is good on its own for a snack or with something you can dip it into – like stew, chilli, dinuguaan. In the Philippines, it’s very common to see them in different colours, but I’m leaving mine plain white! There are four in a bag that is perfect for one person.

The Apple Turnovers were made by my auntie who wanted to contribute to the cause. She makes this every Christmas time (alongside butter cookies) and it’s filled with apple and raisin goodness. The crust is savoury – not sweet – and looks very similar to Empanadas.

One of my fab girl friends, who couldn’t make it has contributed her time and talent in making some super cute tent cards for our table! She makes handmade cards and invitations and is a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up. Please visit her website here. There’s a sneak peek of one of the cards she made below!

And now…some pictures! I hope I’m not spoiling the fun doing this, but I’m far too excited to not show you!

(Bren’s Cookies!)

(Bren’s Chocolate Chip Banana Loaves)

(Dahon ng Saging)

(Apple Turnovers)


I really hope to see you there, I’d love to meet you and talk about …FOOD! 🙂


<3 dee