Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that Gastrofork is participating in Bake for the Quake! It’s a big bake sale organized by Melody (of GourmetFury.com) and Joy (of Gourmeted.com) with profits going to Doctors Without Borders for the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.

Here are the details:
April 20th from 6-8:30pm
@ Roundhouse Community Centre
(Yaletown, just a block off the Yaletown Canadaline station)

Cash only & bring some tupperware to bring your goods home!


I decided to try my hand at baking some Filipino desserts, and my friend will be making some Rocky Road bars and Chocolate Chip Banana loaves (yum!).

Here are the things I’ll be selling:

Champorado – Chocolate Rice Pudding. It’s best served hot and with milk – but since I cannot provide either, it’s best you take it home and heat it up! Recently, I had champorado at my aunt’s place and she served it with spicy dried fish. Yummy! –UPDATE – Unfortunately, I wont be able to make this for Bake for the Quake, but here’s the post on how to make it at home!

(Photo taken from philboxing.com)

Puto – Steamed Rice Cake. Goes well with any meal, but it’s pretty good on it’s own as well!

(Photo taken from Ivoryhut.com)

Biko/Calamay – Sticky Rice Dessert. – There are so many names for this dessert – I actually call it Suman, but apparently my mom says its called either Biko or Calamay. It’s a sticky, sweet rice dessert with brown sugar and coconut.

Apple Turnovers – My aunt is making these for the cause, they’re very good snacks when you’re super hungry!

Rocky Road Bars – Bren will be making them. I LOVE rocky road bars!

Assorted Cookies

For more information, how to get involved please visit: bakeforthequake.com

We’d love to see you there April 20th!

<3 dee