I don’t know why, but recently, I’ve been very lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. It’s not entirely because I have so many things to do in the day time, so I have no idea what has made me so lazy! Anyway, we fell victim to my laziness again a couple nights ago and decided we were in the mood for pizza. With our last attempt at ordering pizza and it being just meh, we decided to go another round of Hot Oven Pizza.

Last time we had Hot Oven Pizza, we picked up and scored one of their deals on twitter (free lasagna!). This time, there was no deal of the week and so we decided to just order in. We ordered a large Tropic Thunder and I ordered a caesar salad.

The pizza, Tropic Thunder consists of shredded chicken, pineapple and banana peppers with italian sausage on the top. I love Hot Oven Pizza, mostly because after one or two slices, you are SO full. The deep dish pizzas come packed, and at Hot Oven they never skimp on toppings. At first bite, there is chicken and sausage and the after taste is a spicy sweetness from the pineapple and banana peppers. That being said – this pizza isn’t spicy – so if you’re worried about it being too spicy for you to handle, its not. It’s just got a little bit of bite to it.

Next up, our caesar salad came with two pieces of garlic bread. Reading other reviews, everyone was saying how the garlic bread was so big, it was a meal on its own…but my garlic bread was possibly those long narrow french baguettes (which are no more than 3 inches in diameter) and they were just okay.

I broke the cardinal rule of not ordering salad from a pizza place because it’s always a rip off – but I wanted something to nosh on that wasn’t greasy. My caesar salad which cost $8 was shredded romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and almonds (??) with a side of dressing and lemon. What a waste! It was cool that it came with almonds which are much healthier than croutons, but my almonds were soggy and chewy – barely worth eating (I threw it away). Besides that, I was thinking about people who have nut allergies and what would’ve happened if they ordered this salad?

Anyway, I’ll reiterate that their pizza is stellar, but I wont make the mistake again of ordering salad.

The pizza makes up for the mediocre salad I ordered, the ingredients are plentiful and the crust of the pizza is garlic and buttery, which makes it easy to eat.

Ambiance: n/a


I find that a lot of pizza places are super expensive for what they serve. Hot Oven Pizza is worth the money spent as you can be full off one or two slices of pizza.

The service was good and prompt. The guy who took my order on the phone said it’d be about 45-50 minutes, but it was about 35-40 minutes when the delivery arrived.


Visit their website here.
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